Charity Sale Results. In loving memory of my grandmother, Rita Malone. Together, we raised €157.60, rounding off to a Grand Total of €158 donated to Marymount Hospice! Thank you!

Charity Sale Results!

Thanks to you all, we've raised and donated €158 to Marymount Hospice! When the sale had ended, we were just shy of the €150 target I was hoping for. So a sale I had received early on the morning of April 4th I decided to add into the final total. That brought us up to €157.60. But I prefer more whole numbers, so I have donated €158. The receipts are shown below as confirmation of the donation:

First page of the Marymount Donation page, entering €158 as the total to donate, and selecting the donation to be in memory of Rita Malone.
Confirmation message on the Marymount website, thanking me for the donation of €158 on 18th April 2023.
Confirmation email from Marymount, thanking me for the donation of €158 on 18th April 2023.
Email receipt of the donation to Marymount University Hospital and Hospice to the amount of €158 paid on April 18th 2023, at 6:22:43 PM (Irish Time).
Marymount rely on donations to keep going, and you can always consider a tiny donation yourself via this donation page. Thank you all so much for making this year's Charity Sale a big success!
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